About Ayurveda

An Ayurveda consultation is a thorough holistic approach to wellness, enabling you to live a healthy life.

It involves your medical history, diet, lifestyle, occupation, exercise, relationships and happiness etc

Resulting in suggestions to help the body to heal itself given the appropriate steps (as agreed upon) and restoring balance.


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Ayurvedic Recommendations.

Change your consciousness… that is all that is needed!

Scrape tongue daily upon waking.

Drink hot water first thing in the morning and throughout the day.

Place fresh ginger in hot water to sip with meals to aid digestion.

Experience ambiance when eating. Take a deep breath.

Eat when hungry –Enjoy breakfast, larger lunch and smaller dinner. Allow 4hrs between meals for digestion.

Include the six tastes – Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, astringent

Snack on fruit.

Limit coffee and tea to 1 per day. Dandelion tea is suggested.

Avoid sugar, avoid starch, and avoid simple carbohydrates (white bread, biscuits and cereal). Reduce grains.

Limit fruit juice to 1 per day, limit nuts- (only eat with meals), soy products, salad on its own if low digestion, limit raw and cold food.

Avoid cold milk, tap water, soft drinks, fried food.

Avoid leftovers, red meat, canned foods, frozen reheated foods, fast foods, nuts and peanut butter, processed foods, chips, microwave foods, icy foods, cheese, any food or drinks with added sugar.

Enjoy fresh foods, steamed veg, home-made vegie soup, fruits of the season, small amounts of chicken and fish if wanted, herb teas.

Practice yoga and meditation and breathe correctly.

Walk several times per week.

Your Ayurvedic Treatment Plan.