• DVD Hard Copy w/ Postage

    This 90 min DVD is designed to help heal stress, anxiety & depression.

    It includes Full Yogic Breath to induce calmness, gentle yoga poses to relieve tension and deep relaxation to heal and bring inner peace.

    DVD – 90 Minute Yoga Class With Linda$20AUD + $7.80AUD (Postage)Total $27.80AUD

  • Free introduction to Beginners Meditation Course

    Free introduction to Beginners Meditation Course


  • Meditation Course for Beginners

    Meditation 1. Laying foundation.

    Meditation 2. Two short experiences.

    Meditation 3. Feel the breath.

    Meditation 4. The energy flows.

    Meditation 5. Expanding inner space.


    Total AU$50

  • Voucher for 10 Yoga Sessions

    Purchase 10 sessions for Lindas’ 90 min classes for yourself or as a gift.

    (see timetable for classes)


    Total $140AUD

  • Voucher for an Ayurvedic Consultation

    Your 60min consultation encompasses diet, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, rest and relaxation, meditation, breathing exercises and herbs.


    Total $80AUD

  • Voucher for Home Yoga Program

    Home program – $60/hr

    Have an individual programme designed for you to practice at home with steps and choices to achieve your goals and suits your needs with progression for up to 6 weeks.


    Total AU$60

  • Voucher for Private Yoga Class

    Enjoy a 60min one-on-one class in your home, designed for your individual needs to breathe, stretch and relax. (travel costs may apply)


    Total AU$80

  • YOGA NIDRA A-Relaxation

    1. Beginners -20min Relaxation.

    This relaxation technique promotes progressive deep mental and physical relaxation. The benefits include becoming deeply relaxed, stronger, balanced psychologically, reduce tension, anxiety and PTSD.


    Total $10AUD

  • YOGA NIDRA B- Relaxation

    Second level- 20 mins Relaxation.

    This deep relaxation is a little more advanced but can be practiced by anyone. It is said 20min of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 4hrs of sleep!


    Total $10AUD

  • Yoga Nidra C- Relaxation

    Yoga Nidra C- Relaxation

    Includes Full Yogic Breath and Relaxation. Practice full yogic breath and learn to breathe correctly, leading into Yoga Nidra. Your body goes to sleep but your mind remains awake.


    Total $10AUD