• I have been benefiting from Linda’s yoga teachings for the past 10 years. Her lessons have become a part of my life as they provide the opportunity to develop physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.  She has a warm positive encouraging voice and her lessons are uniquely designed to cater for all levels.

    – Anne-Marie Parsons


  • I have been participating in Linda’s yoga classes for over ten years.
    Although I have had other yoga practitioners, I find that Linda’s approach suits me very well indeed.  Her structured classes are simple to follow, pleasant to be in and very beneficial to mind and body.

    - Nicole

  • I have practised yoga for nearly 50 years and have known some wonderful teachers in that time.

    In Linda Nugent,  I have found a teacher who is unfailingly helpful, considerate and dedicated to her calling. Linda’s calm outlook promotes a feeling of relaxation and fulfils my need for gentle, exercise combined with Yoga wisdom.


    I always enjoy Linda’s classes and come away from each session feeling good.  Linda takes special interest in those who may need variations in some movements – and bestows praise and encouragement where it is needed.


    I thoroughly recommend Linda to anyone who enjoys a fulfilling Yoga class.


    - Colleen du Toit

  • I’ve been coming to Linda’s “Yoga Is For You” classes for a few years now. I really love this style of yoga!

    Its relaxed in a peaceful, friendly environment. Breathing and meditation and exercises in Linda’s class is so wonderful for stretching and toning up the whole body and relaxing your mind from stresses of daily life. Thank-you Linda. Om. I love your yoga. Namaste. In gratitude.

    - Chloe Marnier

  • I always enjoy Lindas’ yoga classes, I come away feeling relaxed and with a sense of renewal. Her classes are very well structured, mindfully leading you into a centered state. Linda always caters for each individual. As a yoga instructor of over 30 years I can continue to deepen my practice in her class.

    - Vicki Neville – Full teaching member IYTA

  • I find Lindas’ yoga class to be great for stretching and staying supple. Combined with the meditation and breathing exercises, I always come away from the class feeling invigorated and very relaxed.

    - Paul Hows

  • Yoga is very important to me because it strengthens my body. Before yoga I was always falling over and my Dr recommended that this was the best exercise for me, also I find it wonderful for my emotional well-being. Linda offers alternatives to suit my needs so I’m able to modify poses where necessary.

    - Karen Hulbert

  • Yoga DVD

    Of all the Yoga DVDs I have done I particularly loved the flow this class and Linda’s voice.

    - Natalie

  • CD Testimonial

    I have been practicing Linda’s CD nearly everyday for 6 years now. It helps to reduce stress.

    - Ann-Marie Parsons