Everyday Yoga

Yoga can be integrated into our daily life. A simple way is by focusing on the breath when we get a chance, ie at the lights, que in supermarket, waiting room at Drs etc. By focusing on the breath we are coming to the point of stillness, quietening the mind. Then we can be more aware of our actions and be in the moment. We then notice only what is happening now in the present and function a lot more efficiently. The supermarket que is a good one to check our posture as well. Are our 2 feet even on the ground, knees soft, check we’re not arching the back or the reverse- pushing the pelvis forward too much, are our shoulders relaxed and chest open, is our head balanced evenly on our neck, chin soft, face relaxed?  We feel our body is aligned thus our mind is more relaxed. Noticing and correcting our posture also helps prevent backache.

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