Introducing: Yoga Is For You

Often I hear ‘Oh I can’t come to yoga I’m inflexible,’  ‘Oh isn’t that why you come?’ I reply. An experienced yoga teacher will give you something you can do to start you off and work according to your ability. It’s my belief that anyone can do yoga. Yoga can be done in a chair….  When I worked in a psychiatric ward in the hospital teaching yoga, I had the privilege to teach a student in his wheelchair. He managed to move most of his joints with awareness. I taught a student who lost the use of one arm…. She did an amazing downward dog balancing on 3 limbs. She taught me balance! I taught war vets Yoga Nidra… The only relief they had, they said their faces shining. I taught a recovered alcoholic… He said something was different on the way home from the first class. Then realised a smile was on his face!   Yes Yoga Is For You, give it a go- I’ll look after you. I was 12 when my mother first took me to class at the local hall. I knew then, by the end of the first lesson I was going to be a yoga teacher one day. The feeling it gave me I wanted more of. Come to class.

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